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Mandala Art

Mandala is a traditional form of art associated with meditation and spirituality symbolizing wisdom. The circular pattern is believed to release immense positive energy to recharge one’s life on a periodic basis. A Mandala drawing adorning one’s home/workspace is believed to wash away all the negative energy leaving behind laughter, happiness, mirth, fun and above all – Santhrupthi – Pinnacle of Contentment.

Mural Art

Murals are drawn on large size canvases, illustration boards, wood and walls. They esthetically enhance and add a modern sensibility to any living space as a contemporary art.

Inktricate Art

For me, Black and white art form stands the test of time in any physical space. Creating an eye-catching masterpiece in an otherwise colorful space is the primary focus of all my creations. It’s challenging but worth experiencing an artwork from both the composition and collectible perspective.

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Dolly Bhansali Chopra
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