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Artist Biography:
I'm Dolly Bhansali Chopra - A Chartered Accountant by qualification. While being a homemaker, a wife, a mother, and experiencing life & magic between many other roles and relationships, I found myself as an Artist, a purely self-taught Artist.
From my home studio in Gurgaon, I embrace Ink drawings on diverse mediums like paper, canvas, wood, wall, marble, and pebble under my artist name 'Dolyush designs.' Inspired by nature, geometric shapes, ancient architect, spirals, and fractals, I create contemporary explorations of Mandalas, Murals, and Ink drawings. I enjoy creating artworks that are free-flowing and Intricate. I take pride in detailing my illustrations and develop projects that are not only beautiful to look at but are of top quality and will last a lifetime.
When I'm not in my studio, I'm documenting my daughter's life as a motherhood blogger or designing my home and life with everything else that I possibly can.
Artist Statement:
Creativity isn't what we choose to put in, but what we decide to keep out.
Bengaluru| Gurugram| Jodhpur| - I call them home.
Originate magic in your ordinary days.
Create and Inspire!
Dolly Bhansali Chopra