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DIY Ink drawing wood wall artwork – Mandala design 2


For all gender and ages.

The Kit includes:

 Wood wall art piece with outlines
 Step-by-step instruction card for completing the artwork
 High quality paper outline for practice before you attempt on the wood
 A personal choice of hand-drawn pattern reference sheet by the artist
 A multi-surface Sakura Identi Pen with two sides – Fine point and Extra
fine point for working on the wood
 Suede leather hanging cord

What you may also need:

 A plain paper to practice patterns for a few times
Approximate size of the artwork – 4”circular shape


Create your own wonderful hand-drawn wood wall mandala artwork with this
DIY Kit. The drawings of mandalas have been in the world for centuries now.
They indicate the whole life process of any particular being and depict how
meticulously we are all inter-connected to the happenings in our lives.

The mandala design outlines of the piece are crafted to provide you with an
ample opportunity to create multiple patterns, to enjoy the creative flow.

To arrive at the best results, all necessary things required are included in the kit.
All you may need is a paper/book for practicing patterns a few times before you
start your journey on the card outline and thereby, creating the wooden piece. I
have also uploaded a tutorial on the design on YouTube, kindly click on the link.

Enjoy the process, as you will indulge in a creative flow. It is meditative, stress-
busting, relaxing, and therapeutic. The fantastic result will be an eye-catching
artwork to hang up in your home!

Transform your artistic vision into an eerie reality or send it to your friends &
loved ones; it is also absolutely perfect for a team-building activity.

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